Calluses, Corns & Cracked Heels

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    "When things get really bad, just raise your glass and stamp your feet and do a little jig.  That's about all you can do."-Leonard Cohen
    Extra strength help for tougher skin, cracked heels, corns and calluses. 
    Creams, tools and medical grade cushions for more comfort.
    37 products
    Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick - Level 3 Super Extra Strength
    Pedicurian Terra-Cotta Pumice Stone & 30% Urea Stick
    Pedicurian Dry Skin Relief Cream 20% Urea - Level 2 Extra Strength
    Pedicurian Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber
    RevitaDERM 40 Physician Formula Callus Remover KERATOLYTIC EMOLLIENT
    Calicylic Crème
    Gordon's Vite A Creme-Everyday Moisturizer
    from $19.99
    Vite E Creme
    Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub
    Footlogix Professional Stainless Steel Foot File
    Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula
    PediFix Deep Healing Foot Cream
    Diamancel Perfect Feet Set for Calluses and Smooth Skin
    Diamancel Callus Rasp #20
    Professional Foot File/Smoother
    Healthy Feet/Feet First Buffing Pad
    3-Point Products Gel Tubes for Fingers and Toes
    Soothe & Heal™ Silicone Tape
    pedag Viva Sport Full Length Semi-Rigid Orthotic for Impact Sports
    from $34.99
    Dr. Jill's Gel Dancer's Pad
    Dr. Jill's Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushion
    Dr. Jill's Gel U-Shaped Callus Cushion
    Visco-GEL® Toe Cap
    Pedicurian Visco-Gel® Toe Tubes
    from $12.95
    Pedifix Visco-GEL® Stay-Put Toe Separators for Smaller Toes
    PediFix Visco-GEL® ToeBuddy®-Out of Stock
    PediFix Visco-GEL® Toe Separators
    PediFix Visco-GEL® Toe Spacers
    Pedifix Visco-GEL® Little ToeBuddy
    Visco-GEL® Corn Protectors
    Visco-GEL® Little Toe Sleeves™
    from $6.95
    Visco-GEL® Toe Protector
    Sorbidon Hydrate
    Gormel Crème
    from $14.99
    Moisturizing Gel Ultimates® Gel Socks
    Tova-Vegan Skin Repair and Restore Balm
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