Joint & Muscle Pain

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    You need relief?  We've got relief...
    Podiatrist's Tip:  Pre-treat areas with a topical analgesic before you have pain. 
    Conditions you can help are Ball of Foot Pain/Metatarsalgia, Neuropathy, Tendonistis, Neuroma and Sesamoiditis. Help for you with swelling and achy, tired end of the day feet.
    23 products
    Topricin Foot Therapy Cream
    from $16.95
    Still Standing® Pain Relief Spray
    from $14.99
    Pedicure Bowl
    Pedicure Bowl Footrests
    PediFix Tea Tree Ultimates Soaking Crystals
    Footlogix Massage Formula
    pedag Viva Sport Full Length Semi-Rigid Orthotic for Impact Sports
    from $34.99
    Pedag Viva Full Length Orthotic
    from $39.99
    Nature Fit 9001 Orthotic
    from $119.00
    Nature Fit 9000 Orthotic Arch Support
    Dr. Jill's Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushion
    Gordomatic Crystals
    pedag Viva Mini 3/4 Length Arch Support
    pedag Bambini Children's Arch Supports
    Theraband Foot Roller
    Fearless Foot Finisher-Therapeutic Foot Balm
    Infracare Socks for Cold Feet and Toes
    pedag Comfort 3/4 Metatarsal Arch Supports
    Topricin After Burn Cream
    Topricin Fibro Cream for Pain Relief
    Rad Rounds Massage Ball Set
    RAD Neuro Ball
    On Your Feet All Day-Foot Pain Relief Kit/Ideal for Travel
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