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Dr. Jill's Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushion


You can ease ball of foot pain, pressure on the forefoot and provide greater walking comfort with specialty padding to the metatarsal area.

Ball-of-Foot Cushion provides extra padding, cushioning and shock absorption for shoes with thin soles and high heels. Unique design sticks to your foot for accurate placement. 

Your solution for cushioning the ball of the foot to reduce pressure while walking or standing.

  • Created and designed by a podiatrist.
  • Will help prevent calluses that are normally caused when the foot slides forward in the shoe. 
  • Washable and reusable. When you wash them they re-gain their self sticking surface. 
  • Self-sticking - they can be adhered inside the shoe or directly onto the foot. 
  • Two thickness's to choose from-Regular is 1/8" thick, Thick is 1/4" thick.
  • One Pair

How to Use

Apply to clean and dry foot. Place the pads behind the ball of the foot, or under sore area on the ball of foot. After use each day, remove cushion by GENTLY peeling it away from the skin.



Hand wash product with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly. Then, air dry. Once dry, the pad will renew it's self-adhering surface and stick again many times. (Note: Gel cushion will not adhere unless clean and dry).



Do not place product on an open wound. If irritation, discomfort or any problem results from the use of this product, Discontinue use and notify your Podiatrist or other Medical Doctor immediately. Keep out of reach of children and pets.



Latex free medical grade silicone