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What’s Your Journey?
Where are your feet going to take you in life?

When an automobile's odometer reaches 100,000, the car has maxed out. 
The car is worn out and old. The average moderately active person takes around 7,500 step/day. If you maintain that daily average and live until 80, you'll have walked about 216,262,500 steps in your lifetime. Doing the math, the average person with an average stride living until 80 will walk a distance of around 110,000 miles.

Our mission is to ensure your feet stay healthy so you can walk those 110,000 miles. The healthier your feet are, the more you walk and remain active and mobile, the more likely you will meet the mark. You must keep your feet in the best possible condition to keep moving.

Pedicurian is dedicated to that goal. Pedicurian strives to give you the best foot care products and use the information to alleviate the symptoms of common foot problems to help you maintain foot health, improve shoe comfort and safely enhance foot beauty to keep you moving. Pedicurian offers curated, luxury foot products that solve your standard foot concerns. Products on Pedicurian.com are selected using the following criteria:

1. The product improves symptoms of common foot problems.
2. The product improves foot health.
3. The product improves shoe comfort.
4. The product is superior to other products.
5. The product has unique properties and ingredients that can be quantified.
6. The product has been tested and is recommended by podiatrists in a clinical setting.
7. The consumer must easily use the product.

Join us at Pedicurian for better foot care products. Our mission is to make foot care accessible and easy with our unique blend of curated products designed to help you keep doing what you want, wearing the shoes you love, and improving mobility.

Thank you for signing up and joining us. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay with us and the products we have to offer.

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feeling their best.