Sweat, Odor & Grime

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    Clean, Treat and Protect with clinically proven products selected by a Podiatrist.
    19 products
    Sweatstop for Hyperhidrosis/Sweaty Feet
    pHeet Moisturizing & Cleansing Foot Wipes
    from $9.99
    On Your Toes® Bactericide Powder for Foot and Shoe Odor
    Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap & Soap Dish
    Terpenicol Shoe Spray
    Bromi Talc Plus
    Glucology® Copper Based Unisex Antifungal Quarter Crew Socks
    Glucology® Copper Based Unisex Antifungal Crew Socks
    from $18.99
    ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer
    Fearless Foot Finisher-Therapeutic Foot Balm
    Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes
    Spongelle Pedi Buffer for DIY Pedicure
    Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub
    Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap®
    from $5.95
    pedag Sneaker/Summer Full Length Arch Supports
    Gordon's No. Five Spray Foot Powder
    Get Rid of Sweat, Odor & Grime on Your Feet Kit
    Fungus Fighting Kit
    Spongelle Men's Pedi Buffer
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