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This works great for my wife, who reports the callused areas of her feet are much softer.

Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick

Outstanding Customer service. Outstanding in every respect. Could not be happier.

F. Dennison Shaw
Tineacide Antifungal Solution

These inserts do a nice job of helping correct a child’s pronation. They arrived very quickly once ordered. Good follow up.

pedag Bambini Children's Arch Supports

This was prescribed by my Podiatrist a year ago and no longer carries it. I was happy to learn you have the same product. It works very well.

Frances Vrenios
Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick
Pedicurian Advanced Foot Cream - Level 1 Everyday Hydration
Pedicurian Dry Skin Relief Cream 20% Urea - Level 2 Extra Strength
Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick - Level 3 Super Extra Strength
Pedicurian Terra-Cotta Pumice Stone & 30% Urea Stick