Nail Care

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    "Toes will always be at the end of your feet, but at the start of your journey."-Anthony T. Hincks
    So you want them to look GOOD!
    30 products
    Dr.'s Remedy HYDRATION Clear Moisturizing Nail Treatment with Pentavitin
    Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish/ More than 50 Fashion Colors Available
    Dr.'s Remedy MODEST Matte Unisex Top Coat Enriched Nail Polish
    Dr.'s Remedy Anti-Fungal CARESS Cuticle Oil
    Dr.'s Remedy Radiant Remover-Acetone Free Enriched Nail Polish Remover
    Dr.'s Remedy TOTAL Two-in One Base and Top Coat
    Dr.'s Remedy BASIC Base Coat
    Dr.'s Remedy CALMING Clear Gel-Performing Finish
    Pedicure Bowl
    Pedicure Bowl Footrests
    Visco-GEL® Toe Cap
    Professional Quality Nail Scissors
    Travel Nail Clipper with Leather Case
    Diamancel Nail File #3 for Thick Toenails
    Professional Quality Cuticle Pusher
    from $19.99
    Diamancel File #6 for Finishing Toenails
    Professional Quality Nail Trimmer for Thick Nails
    No-Mes Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers
    from $17.95
    Terpenicol® Nail Fungus Treatment Duo-Antifungal Solution and Cream
    ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer
    Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap®
    from $5.95
    Pedicure Bowl Carrying Case
    Tineacide Antifungal Solution
    RESTORE-Ridge Repair to Smooth Bumpy Nails
    BALANCING Biotin Nail Strengthening Supplement
    NOURISH Nail Serum for Dry Nails and Cuticles
    Sephorris-All Natural Anti-fungal for Nails
    EPIC Cuticle Exfoliator
    Complete Nail Care Kit
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