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Pedag Viva Sport Full Length Semi-Rigid Orthotic for Impact Sports


Best sport orthotic to support your feet when they get more impact from running, basketball, hiking or walking around town. An orthotic made with breathable high tech fabric, extra cushioning, full length arch support, metatarsal support and heel cushion. Excellent for extra cushioning to prevent callus buildup.

  • Orthopedic design to gently shape the foot to regain and maintain anatomically correct positioning by supporting and restoring natural arch function.
  • Supports the longitudinal, medial and lateral arches of the foot while cushioning the heel.
  • High tech fabric features extra cushioning, durable wear, high impact elasticity to absorb shock during active pursuits.
  • Thermal insulation, waterproof, friction and slip resistant. Hand washable, extra cushioning, resistant to fungi and bacteria, resists tearing and friction.
  • Use for high or low impact sports.
  • Extra cushioning. Use to minimize calluses if you have fat pad atrophy.
  • 1/2 sizes order next size up. 
  • Hand Washable.
  • One Pair

How to Use

Insert into shoes. Pay attention to the right and left insert to insure proper placement. Take with you when you buy new shoes to insure proper fit.