Comprehensive Foot Care Kits

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    1+1+3.  That's not a mistake.  Get better results with the products that work together to give you feet that feel and look their best.  Pedicurian curated the best products to keeps you moving. Kits to:

    • Fight Athlete's Foot
    • Restore & Revive Tired Feet 
    • Runners Foot Relief
    • Smooth & Soft Everyday Hydration
    • Sweat, Odor & Grime Fighters
    • Complete Nail Care Kit
    • Foot Pain Relief
    7 products
    Pedicurian Foot Hydration Duo/ Everyday Foot Moisturizer & 30% Urea Stick for Cracks and Calluses
    Fungus Fighting Kit
    Complete Nail Care Kit
    Runner's/Sport Foot Care Kit
    On Your Feet All Day-Foot Pain Relief Kit/Ideal for Travel
    Soft & Smooth Foot Care Kit
    Get Rid of Sweat, Odor & Grime on Your Feet Kit
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