Restore, Remedy & Revive

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    "Power and speed be hands and feet."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Wind down and give your feet TLC for:

    + Joint and muscle pain.
    + Cleanse and refresh.
    + Strengthen and massage.
      42 products
      Spongelle Pedi Buffer for DIY Pedicure
      Pedicure Bowl
      Pedicure Bowl Footrests
      pHeet Moisturizing & Cleansing Foot Wipes
      from $9.99
      Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap®
      from $5.95
      Tea Tree Ultimates® Foot Wipes
      Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub
      Footlogix Foot Soak
      Footlogix Massage Formula
      Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick - Level 3 Super Extra Strength
      Topricin Foot Therapy Cream
      from $16.95
      Topricin After Burn Cream
      Theraband Foot Roller
      Diamancel Perfect Feet Set for Calluses and Smooth Skin
      PediFix Tea Tree Ultimates Soaking Crystals
      Soothe & Heal™ Silicone Tape
      from $9.95
      Pedicurian Advanced Foot Cream - Level 1 Everyday Hydration
      Pedicurian Dry Skin Relief Cream 20% Urea - Level 2 Extra Strength
      Bromi Talc Plus
      Gordomatic Crystals
      Sorbidon Hydrate
      Calicylic Crème
      Pedicurian Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber
      Footlogix Professional Stainless Steel Foot File
      Vite E Creme
      Gordon's Vite A Creme-Everyday Moisturizer
      from $19.99
      Defense Antifungal Medicated Bar Soap & Soap Dish
      Pedicure Bowl Carrying Case
      Pedicurian Terra-Cotta Pumice Stone & 30% Urea Stick
      Fearless Foot Finisher-Therapeutic Foot Balm
      Professional Foot File/Smoother
      Topricin Fibro Cream for Pain Relief
      RESTORE-Ridge Repair to Smooth Bumpy Nails
      BALANCING Biotin Nail Strengthening Supplement
      Rad Rounds Massage Ball Set
      RAD Neuro Ball
      Gordon's No. Five Spray Foot Powder
      Barkan-Massage Balm for Joints and Muscles
      On Your Feet All Day-Foot Pain Relief Kit/Ideal for Travel
      Runner's/Sport Foot Care Kit
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