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Based on 87 reviews
Too Big

Wish these came in sizes S-M-L. They are so big I cannot use them.

My Podiatrist Recommended

First cream I have used that works for me. I have very dry skin and my feet always crack in the colder months.
I slather this on before I go to bed and put on light socks.
After a few days my feet feel and look considerably better.

Feeling better

Love these Dr. Jill's Gel Ball-of-Foot Cushion. And especially when you can reuse them again. I would highly recommend them. Foot cushions last a long time, which is why I brought so many of them. They were hard to find. They feel very gel-like and soft, and especially when you're on your feet all day. Thank you very much. My feet feels really happy. 😃

Just The Best

These are the best quality clippers I have ever used. They cut better than anything I've tried, they keep their clippings (if you don't dump them out the front), and they're made in the USA!

Simply great. I've bought half a dozen of these as gifts since last year.

Kamea 20
Allen C
Kamea 20


Kamea 20
Ava Salman

great product, please keep carrying it.

Has worked wonderfully

Finally found perfect foot cream

My feet were very rough. This cream is perfect. Lightweight, but powerful. No heavy scent, not greasy at all, and great results. Highly recommend.

Kamea G
Violetta Fishman
My favorite foot cream

Using this cream for a few years already, excellent product, helps to keep my feet in a nice condition. The only downside is the price.

Very comfortable


Kamea® Foot Care Kit
Pauline McNally
Great results!

This really does work! I've seen such an improvement in my feet that very super dry and callused within a couple of days, I've seen a great improvement.

NuFoot Mary Jane's
Francis Shelton

A outstanding support from customer service , thank you product is perfect

Kamea G
Michelle Raschilla
Great for diabetics

This is the only product I found that helps keep the skin on my feet healthy!

Excellent service

Gormel Crème
Srinivasarao Sunkara
Gormel Creme

Product received as expected but took more time for delivery than expected or promised.

Tea Tree Ultimates® FungaSoap®

ONE of a kind

I was very impressed by the great devotion of the company to really make sure customer satisfaction on the hightest levels!!!

I would highly recommend this product!!

Kamea 20
Steven Saunders

I take an oral chemo medicine which dries the skin on my feet to the point the outer skin' layer peels off leaving sores. I apply Neosoron on the sores followed with Kamea 20 on my feet. I found this combination heals my feet faster than any other tropicals. I have been using Kamea 20 for around 4 months.

Love it

It works I love it

Glucology® Copper Based Unisex Antifungal Quarter Crew Socks

Best Foot Cream

Revitaderm is the best foot cream to keep the callouses away and keep your feet feeling great. I was introduced to it 4 years ago and continue to use it. Best product I have ever encountered.

Solved the problem!

I put On Your Toes foot powder in my children’s shoes and we no longer have the stinky foot smell in the house when they take off their shoes.

Kamea G
Kelli Dow
Best foot cream

I love this product because it loosens calluses & makes then a breeze to file down and it also prevents dead skin altogether with regular use.

Kamea G
Cheryl Artabane

Cannot believe how well this product works. Highly recommend this!