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Visco-GEL® Toe Cap


Surround toes with soft Gel protection. Extra padding for toe-tip protection. Superior cushioning, protection, and relief for corns, calluses, hammer toes, nails, and cuticles. 

Your solution for protecting the toes for greater shoe and walking comfort.

  • Engineered toe/finger cap with thin side walls and thicker at the distal tip.
  •  The thin side wall design takes up less shoe space, and thicker tip padding on top protects your toe-tip.
  •  All-gel design of soft vitamin-enriched m+gel to soften, soothe and protect the skin. 
  •  The toe cap has a 'comfort vent' for breathability. 
  • Sized to fit different toes. Small fits middle toes, Large fits most big toes, and X-Large fits a man's large big toe or swollen toe.
  • One per package, or 10 per pack.
  • Running or sport active?  Try extra cushioning with a Sport Toe Cap.

How To Use

Slip over your toe. Test for comfort. Remove and trim length, if needed. Pull on hosiery carefully and readjust as necessary. For best results, keep your nails trimmed, and do not wear shoes that interfere with toe freedom.


If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using. If numbness, discoloration, irritation, or additional toe pain occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do not use over broken or inflamed skin. If symptoms persist, visit a foot specialist.