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Pedag Viva Full Length Orthotic


Premium quality leather insole to improve the comfort of your dress shoes. Orthotics engineered to support your arch and metatarsals while cushioning your heels.  Podiatrist recommended full length orthotic insoles provide shock absorption, comfort and anatomical alignment.

  • Improves foot alignment, gait and shoe comfort in your dress shoes.
  • Supports your entire foot with a sturdy Arch Support for the longitudinal arch, Metatarsal Pad for the forefoot and heel cushion to relieve pressure and impact.
  • Regain and maintain proper foot alignment and arch function. 
  • Thin enough to fit in almost any shoe.  Ideal for all day comfort. 
  •  Vegetable tanned leather top cover. 
  •  Carbon filter to reduce odor. 
  • Awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance for promoting foot health.
  • One Pair


How To Use

Insert into shoes. Pay attention to the right and left insert to insure proper placement. Take with you when you buy new shoes to insure proper fit.

Customer Reviews

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Usher Pantierer

Very comfortable