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Winterizing Your Feet - How to Care for Your Feet in Cold Weather

Winterizing Your Feet - How to Care for Your Feet in Cold Weather

With the arctic winds, snow, sleet, and ice in the forecast this winter, we’re sharing our Podiatrist’s top tips for "winterizing" your feet.

Cold weather, and bundling your feet in shoes and socks to protect them has its own hazards. Feet sweat a lot, they also dry and crack. Worst of all nasty stuff, like fungus which causes athletes foot, loves your wet feet.

So what does “winterizing” your feet mean?

We like to share that prepping means taking care of your feet during the winter months when they need some extra love and care. The extra attention will keep you moving with ease and comfort through the cold months.

Here are five best cold-weather foot care tips, approved by a board-certified podiatrist, to keep your feet comfortable.

1. Keep Your Feet Dry!
Your feet sweat more in warm winter socks and boots. Excessive wetness inside your shoes or from the elements can cause the skin to dry. Use both a non-drying antiperspirant formulated for feet and a moisturizer as appropriate. If cracks develop from excessive sweating and dryness use a more intense moisturizer.

2. Wash Your Feet Every Day!
Clean feet are healthier feet. Always dry well, especially between the toes. Check our nondrying, antifungal foot wash and foot wipes.

3. Don’t Wear Wet Socks, Shoes or Boots!
Damp feet are prone to fungal infections and can cause the skin of the feet to dry and develop cracks. Cracks are not innocent and should be treated as they are portals to bacterial infections. When your shoes or boots get wet, dry them out thoroughly before wearing them again. (Consider waterproofing them, too!). Wet feet are also more prone to frostbite and fungal infections.

4. Prepare with appropriate socks
Wear moisture-wicking quality winter socks and avoid bare feet in Uggs. You can keep them even warmer with insulated soles.

5. Wear the right shoe gear!
Consider both the weather and the activity. Ditch the fashion shoes and heels when you are outside in rain, snow or cold. Protect your feet with warm, waterproof boots with treads that give you good traction and ensure you don't slip. Wetness and having your feet closed for hours cause smell as well as sweat. When they smell we have treats for your shoes too.

When the skin of your feet is in top-notch condition they will be soft and smooth as well as healthy to tolerate harsh weather.

Get cozy, stay warm, and make sure to take care of those feet this winter!

Hate cold toes, read next month’s blog!

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