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How Safe is A Salon Pedicure? 8 Safety Tips For Your Salon Pedicure

How Safe is A Salon Pedicure? 8 Safety Tips For Your Salon Pedicure

During the holiday season, we want to look our best from our head all the way down to our toes. It’s great to feel glamorous!

As we put our best foot forward with well-groomed feet we realize that beautiful feet are also healthy feet. As podiatric practitioners, we are often asked if nail salons are safe. Although we do not investigate salons, our practice sees a lot of salon-related infections. To keep your feet and skin healthy and safe it’s important to be mindful of the following tips to minimize infections. Whether viral or bacterial infections are not beautiful.

8 Tips For Salon Pedicure Safety

  1. Stay away from the whirlpool.
    The foot bath can be a source of bacteria. Soak your feet at home before your pedicure, or bring your own portable tub.
  2. Bring your own tools and clean them between pedicures.
    Unsanitary tools can transmit hepatitis and other diseases. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recommends removing calluses by softening the feet with a pumice stone, foot file or exfoliating scrub at salons.
  3. Have a podiatrist professionally take care of your feet if you have difficulty cutting nails or removing hard skin.
    The podiatrist uses medical-grade instruments that have been sterilized in an autoclave to minimize risk. When the technician breaks your skin you are most at risk.
  4. Cut your nails straight across.
  5. Don’t cut your cuticles.
    Soften cuticles with a conditioning cuticle oil and gently push back. The cuticle is the nail’s protective barrier and cutting cuticles can cause nasty infections.
  6. Bring your own nail polish.
    We recently wrote a post, “Is Sharing Nail Polish Sanitary?” The short answer is no, bring your own. If you have a fungal infection regular nail polish does not let the nail breath aggravating fungal infections. Anti-fungal breathable polish is a better choice. We offer a variety of colors in Dr. Remedy’s Enriched Nail Polish which is an excellent breathable, anti-fungal option. When you’re ready to take off the polish off, we recommend doing so with acetone-free remover.
  7. Do not get a pedicure on the same day as shaving your legs.
    Small cuts on your legs may be portals for infections.
  8. If you have diabetes, or other health issues opt for a medi-pedi.

No matter what, know that looking and feeling beautiful doesn’t mean you have to accept risking your health or safety.

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