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How Toe Tubes Can Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

How Toe Tubes Can Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

If you’ve ever had an annoying blister or corn on one of your toes, then you may have wished for something soft and smooth to protect it from the inside of your shoe. Well there is such a wondrous thing, and it’s called a toe tube.

A toe tube is a soft, tube-shaped sleeve that fits over your toe and protects it from rubbing against your shoe or other toes. It prevents irritation and offers comfort in the case of blisters, corns, hammer toes, calluses and missing or ingrown toenails. But although they may seem identical on the first look, not all toe tubes are alike, and it’s important to choose the correct one to suit your particular condition.

PediFix Toe Tube


Our product line includes three types of silicone toe tubes. All of them are made from medical grade silicone and are hand washable and reusable, but there are important differences between each of them.

3-Point Products Gel Tubes are the thinnest. They work best in pointy toe shoes and heels where your toes are pushed forward. They cushion without taking up too much space and cramping your toes. They offer a gentle compression that helps reduce swelling, and can even be used on fingers, as well as toes.

PediFix Visco Gel Toe Tubes are thicker and have more cushioning. They are imbedded with Visco-Gel, which gently releases mineral oil to soothe, soften and moisturize skin irritations like corns, as they cushion and separate toes from one another. They are also useful for hammer toes, skin problems and keratosis lesions.

Dr. Jill’s All Gel Toe Tubes come in five different sizes and are long enough to cut to the exact length you need. Our most versatile toe tube, they can be customized to be used as toe protectors, nail guards, bunion shields, corn or hammer toe protectors, and will never get too tight.

Whether you are looking to cushion and protect your toes against a painful condition or merely need a buffer to increase comfort and prevent irritation, we have a toe tube for you. From hammer toes that rub at the top of your shoes or corns that cause discomfort between your toes, you’ll find the relief that you need.

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