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All About Foot Creams… and Cracked Heels

All About Foot Creams… and Cracked Heels

Having soft and smooth feet is a wonderful thing, but taking care of the skin on your feet is not a one-size-fits-all operation, by any means. First of all, our feet have different types of skin -- softer and more delicate on the top and thicker on the bottom. Secondly, everyone’s foot needs are just a little different. So we’ve curated a range of options to help you say goodbye to rough, scaly feet and heels.

Everyday Moisturizers

Many of us live active lives, and sometimes we can forget to take care of our feet. At the end of a hard day, they deserve some TLC to help keep their skin soft and supple. We offer a range of rich, super moisturizing products, all diabetic friendly, to keep your feet looking and feeling their best:

Pedicurian Advanced Foot Cream - This gentle, lemon-scented formula includes certified organic and natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, shea butter, safflower, sesame & jojoba oils and vitamin E. Gluten and paraben free, safe for diabetics, pregnant women, children and patients going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Gilden Tree Nourishing Foot Cream - A rich balm made with certified organic aloe, wildcrafted shea butter and other organic ingredients to soothe and nourish your skin. This product has no parabens or phthalates and is gluten free. Silky smooth and all natural, it’s like a spa in a jar!

Revitaderm Medical Strength Moisturizer - This non-alcohol formula uses aloe vera, tea tree oil and chamomile to leave your skin hydrated and protected for hours.

PediFix Deep Healing Foot Cream - A non-greasy cream, formulated especially for people with diabetes and sensitive feet, it features mineral oil and vitamins A, D and E to moisten and soften rough, dry skin. A great choice for the budget minded!

PediFix Diabetic Defense Daily Therapy Foot Moisturizer - A rich, penetrating shea butter formula, infused with vitamins A,D & E, it provides daily care for sensitive feet by hydrating rough, dry, cracked skin. Specifically formulated for the special needs of diabetics.

Footlogix DD Double Defense Mousse for Dry Skin - This favorite product of salon technicians is a super hydrating, non-greasy, lightweight formula made with urea for anti-aging & rejuvenation and Spiraleen® for anti-microbial, skin irritation relief. It offers great night care for dry and sensitive skin.

Especially For Men

Sometimes men can be a little picky about their skin care products. We think men will be particularly comfortable with these special no and low scent, effective moisturizers:

O’keefe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream - An odorless, non-greasy formula that is ideal for moisturizing dry and cracked feet.

Pedicurian No Mess Stick - This pure and effective formula rolls on easily like a deodorant stick, so your hands will stay clean. It’s great for dry, cracked heels, and has no scent.

Sorbidon Hydrate - This pleasant scented, water-in-oil cream softens and moisturizes dry, cracked or calloused skin on both the feet and hands. It’s helpful in treating heel fissures and chafed skin caused by sun or windburn. It even helps to cut down friction and prevent blisters.

Kerasal Original Exfoliating and Moisturizing Foot Ointment - Podiatrist’s #1 choice.  A dual action formula that effectively moisturizes and exfoliates.  

Just For Heels

Three different products, each formulated specifically to relieve dry, cracked heels - a sock, a no mess stick and a cream. You choose the best way to get relief!

Adessa 30 Heel Liniment - This buttery smooth, paraben-free, 30% urea-based formula, rich in aloe vera, shea butter and avocado, olive & jojoba oils, will moisturize, soften and soothe hard, cracked heels and dry, thickened skin.

Adessa Gel Socks - Wear these disposable foot covers overnight with Adessa 30 Heel Liniment, and let the cracks on your heels disappear while you sleep.

Pedicurian No Mess Stick - For a no-mess, dry heel treatment, this roll-on can’t be beat.

Plus These Other Extra Moisturizing Formulas

Gordon’s Vite A Cream - This extra nourishing, Vitamin-A rich formula is great for dry feet, fissures, sun and windburn, chafing or irritations. Perfect for geriatric, diabetic and any other type of sensitive skin.

Pedicurian Dry Skin Relief Cream - A rich, moisturizing cream with 20% Urea to soften and break down thick, dry skin, combined with natural and organic ingredients for a superb, healing formula.

Gilden Tree 95% Shea Butter Balm - This extra-strength, spa-quality product is formulated from all natural shea butter with Vitamin E, to create a luxurious, gluten-free, moisturizing emollient with powerful, anti-oxidant properties to calm and restore your skin.

Footlogix Very Dry Skin Formula - A favorite of professional salon technicians, this extra strength product is gentle enough for seniors and diabetics. The dermatologist tested formula contains urea to help hydrate and restore extra dry skin.

To obtain the smoothest, softest feet, you may have to do more than just use a moisturizing cream. The most effective treatment combines moisturizing with exfoliating and cleansing, to deal with calluses and other rough patches. The good news is, it only takes a few minutes a day to give yourself the amazing feet you’ve always wanted to have. For more information on advanced foot care, click here. And of course, as with any health problem, if your condition doesn’t improve after using these products for three weeks or more, consult your podiatrist.


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