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Women's Feet and Age

Women's Feet and Age

Women, Aging and Foot Care

The Wall Street Journal recently this article celebrating women over 50.  

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Women, who were once considered ‘over the hill’ due to age are reaching milestones in productivity, creativity, insight and inspiring others.  As our minds move forward we don’t want our feet to slow us down. 

Feet change with age and women’s feet are not just a smaller version of men’s feet.  First get to know your feet and watch for these changes:

  • More corns and calluses due to fat pads eroding and more friction as your bones rub against shoe surfaces.
  • Changes in foot structure due to weight change and misalignment. This can include bunions, hammertoes and heel pain.  Misalignment in the foot can also be a cause of knee pain, hip pain and shoulder pain. Orthotics can help align your feet. 
  • Your feet may even be a different size. Shoe that are too small can cause pain, and often shoes are too large and can cause falls.
  • Disease affecting feet such as arthritis and diabetes.
  • Changes in your lifestyle and activities. You have changed your climate or your activities.
  • Changes to your skin. Don’t ignore excessive dryness and cracks. Cracks are a portal for bacteria that can cause infections that really stop you in your tracks. 
  • Medications such as diuretics can cause changes to your feet.

 Second.  Don’t let your feet slow you down.


  • Keep your feet in optimal condition.
  • Watch for changes in the skin or nails and treat appropriately. Keep skin and nails healthy. 
  • Plan for your foot care needs when you plan what you want to do with appropriate shoe gear to match your activity.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly and don’t forget the socks.
  • Tuck in an extra pair of lower heel shoes to change into midday.
  • If you have persistent pain see a podiatrist.
  • If you take medications, or are diagnosed with disease know how it will effect your feet.
  • Pretreat if you have muscle and joint pain.


  • Improve foot comfort with appropriate padding to in areas that tend to become painful.
  • Add orthotics to improve alignment in both dress shoes and casual shoes.


Give your feet some love.  Soak, massage and moisturize.  Your feet have to carry you and all you want to do many miles during your life.

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