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Your Feet, Your Shoes and Your Politics

Your Feet, Your Shoes and Your Politics


Pedicurian recently traveled to Toronto and visited the unusual Bata Shoe Museum.  The display of shoes from around the world, different times and cultures fascinates.  The museum shows everything from colorful eskimo boots to gladiator sandals to snazzy jazz age spectators.

Shoes are an expressive vehicle that tells the story of our attitude towards our feet as much as it reflects in our footwear.  Our feet and what we wear on them are affected by culture, religion, politics, economics, religion and geography.

Toronto is known as one of the cleanest cities in North America.  Apparently good hygiene extends from the city streets right down to the feet of Torontonians. I observed stylish ankle baring mostly with tiny anklets peeking out.  Kudos to Toronto for a clean city and clean feet.   

Greek sandals are on display in the Bata museum, ancient and still distinguished and recognizable by straps up the leg.  Greek citizen's could tell much about the people that passed in the street by the style of sandals they wore. Today Greek sandals are in fashion. 

What do your feet tell us about life in today’s interconnected world?


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