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House Shoes

House Shoes

Just like many of you I can’t wait to kick off my shoes as soon as I get into the house.  Sometimes even before my coat is off!  My go to pair of house shoes are a pair of All Birds.  I have no affiliation with them, the pair just has all the features I like best.  They are soft, comfy, have traction on the sole to prevent slipping, and are machine washable.  Now that I am self isolating at home I have the pleasure of ditching my heels and wearing them all day, every day.

What happened to the podiatrists wife?  I started to develop hip and knee pain.  Extreme pain. It became difficult to go on a daily walk or climb the stairs. Luckily, the doc self isolating with me and made a “house call.”

Diagnosis: When the shoes had been abandoned, my orthotics had been left behind.  Natural misalignment in my feet caused the pain.  Yes, just like the song “your knee bone is connected to your hip bone” and all the way down to the bones of your feet.

Treatment plan: Orthotics placed in my house shoes relieved the pain, and they fit perfectly. I really underestimated the damage that can be done to my body with improper foot gear in my own home!

We are often asked:

Q: What are the best shoes to wear at home?

A: The best shoes to wear at home to protect and support your feet ideally would include a small wedge and non-slip sole.  If you prefer open toes, that’s great too, your feet can “breath.”  However, the more closed the footgear, the more protection you get. 

The no’s for house shoes are:  no bare feet, no flat slippers, no floppy or loose fit. Sheepskin lined slippers are cozy, but may cause excessive sweating with is the perfect breeding ground for fungus.  If you love them, wear them with socks. Rubbery clogs don’t breath either, or support your heel.

Q: What are good options for house shoes?

A: Sneakers.

Podiatrists Tips:

  • Alternate your house shoes just like your regular shoes if you are wearing them all day.
  • Wear socks for extra protection.
  • If you have custom orthotics wear them at home too.

Wishing all of you good health and safety.

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