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Every Building Starts with a Foundation

Every Building Starts with a Foundation

Every building starts with a foundation. Because the foundation holds up the entire building, it’s important to invest to make sure that foundation is strong, will last and hold up an entire structure for a long time. Admittedly, it’s not the most glamorous stuff and will be the hidden strength that most of us will never see. Still, the foundations hidden strength holds up an entire building.

Think of your feet the same way. They serve as the foundation of your body, and their health and strength impacts your entire body.  Weak feet will weaken the rest of your body. If your feet hurt your smile is compromised. Your hips, knees and shoulders may hurt. You push yourself forward, but the pain keeps distracting you. 

You know the pain points in your feet. 

No matter what shoes you wear nothing seems to work.

At pedicurian.com we offer an array of orthotics and medical grade silicone padding. 

Build your foundation.

How they help.

Orthotics hold your feet in a correct neutral position. Just like Mother Nature intended.  Correct alignment of your feet aligns the rest of your body too. Spine, hips, shoulders and knees. Our orthotics are ‘junior’ devices. If you have a mild misalignment they will work for you 100%. If you feel 20% better perhaps you need a device custom made to your foot by a podiatrist.

Our sport orthotic has more cushioning than regular orthotics. They allow you to run, jump and work out while correcting positioning your feet. They also prevent callus buildup by padding areas that rub against the bottom of your shoes.

Silicone padding protects and cushions specific areas that cause your feet and shoes to collide. Shoe rub creates blisters, abrasions and corns. Foot conditions that benefit form silicone padding includes bunions, bunionettes, corns, calluses, turf toe, toe problems, hammertoes and neuromas and pump bump. 

Remember, your feet are like the foundation of that building. Make them last.

Keep Moving.

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