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Implement Blog

Implement Blog

The last few months we have all been recalculating our Life GPS.  Have you asked yourself:

  • Is something a necessity or luxury? 
  • What are our true wants and needs?

Whatever your personal answer is we all have the universal value: The will to keep moving and building a meaningful, productive and creative life. 

At Pedicurian we take your ability to Keep Moving literally down to your toes. Maintaining healthy nails and skin is the #1 Podiatrist recommended tip for keeping your feet healthy.  Healthy feet are beautiful feet and feet that keep you moving with ease. Just as health and beauty intersect so do luxury and necessity.

Sure your beauty and grooming routines have shifted too.  You may no longer be outsourcing foot care.  DIY is the new normal. 

With your needs in mind it was a priority for us to source the right tools for you. No more borrowing, no more rusty or dull blades. You need the right implements, quality implements that get your nails trimmed and groomed with precision.  Pedicurian sourced, from a USA manufacturer of surgical implements, choice nail implements at a great price.  They are all stainless steel and easy to sanitize. You can purchase one item or a set.

Pedicurian Nail Implements:

  • Nail Scissors-To cut normal nails
  • Nail Nipper-For thicker nails
  • File-Rougher grit for thicker nails
  • Cuticle Pusher-To refine and prep for polisProfessional quality implements also available:  Nail clippers for regular and thicker nails, files for finishing and smoothing, excellent stainless steel files for smoothing rough skin.  Of course, polish in over 40 colors, or natural matte to disguise that bad nail.

Hints for Nail Grooming:

Cut nails straight across.

Don’t share implements.

Clean implements between use.

Don’t cut cuticles, gently push them back.

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