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Bare Feet

Bare Feet

True or False:  Walking barefoot is best?

Bare foot season is here. Isn’t walking with bare feet best for us?  Isn’t bare foot the way we were meant to walk?  Doesn’t feeling ground surfaces improve the feelings of nerve endings on the bottom of my feet, balance and body awareness? Don’t shoes and their restrictive fit cause all my bunions, hammer toes and heel pain? 

My feet feel great and free without socks or shoes.

Exposing your feet comes with hazards, but with some prep and care you can stay safe and keep your feet healthy.


  • Walk barefoot inside and on soft surfaced such as sand and grass.
  • Clean your feet well after walking barefoot.

Be Aware Of:

  • Your skin. The best thing you can do is keep the skin of your feet intact.  Cracks, scratches or other breaks are portals for highly contagious fungus and bacteria to find a hospitable home. Be most wary of public places such as gyms and pools.
  • You are more exposed to injury when you walk with bare feet.  Achiness in other parts of your body from walking without support.  Especially other joints such as hips and knees.


  • Walk barefoot if you are diabetic.
  • Walk barefoot on hard or street surfaces.
  • Walk barefoot at the gym or pool.

If you love bare feet.  Enjoy barefoot pleasure safely.


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