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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Our day to celebrate Dad. We are grateful for the life you have given us. Let’s keep Dad moving with healthy feet. 

Dads (and all guys) have come a long way on paying more attention to health, grooming and appearance.  What we don’t always see is just as important as the haircut, clothing and physique that we do see.  Feet, the most neglected part of the body tend to be stuffed into shoes and socks.  Give them the care they need and deserve.

Take a look at our tips, they really work!  And Pedicurian has the curated products to support your foot care success.

Seven Foot Care Tips for Dad (and all men):

  1. Change your socks daily and alternate your shoes.
  2. Deal with sweat and smell. You don’t have to live with it.
  3. Keep the skin of your feet intact. Shop our dad friendly no scent moisturizers, and extra strength moisturizers if you are prone to cracks. Exfoliate flaky dry skin. 
  4. Bar soap, liquid soap or wipes. It’s essential to get off sweat and grime.
  5. Use your own implements. Cut nails straight across, moisturize and exfoliate.
  6. Pad for more comfort at work or sports. Use orthotics for improving foot alignment and shoe comfort and spot treating problem areas. 
  7. A lot of foot issues can’t be resolved with self-care. See a podiatrist if self-care doesn’t work. Have calluses and corns professionally removed.  Deal with nail fungus, warts and pain to prevent more serious problems from developing.

Dad’s feet take him everywhere. Take care of them.

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