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Why Do Teenagers Feet Smell So Much?

Why Do Teenagers Feet Smell So Much?

Have you recently gone into your teens room and quickly shut the door? Was the smell and scent of foot odor just overwhelming you? Are they embarrassed? This is really bad. With all the angst, moodiness, cane and growing up that teens have how can I deal with sweaty feet?

Why is this happening?

The fast forward of teen hormones turning on at full speed effect their feet too. The
sweat glands in there feet are turned on to mach. There are 200,000 of those in your
teens feet working at full speed.

The wetness turns on bacteria that causes the smell. Fungus loves wet environments too that’s why repeated athletes foot infections are so common in teens.

The good news is that they out of this in their 20’s

What can I do?

The body: Hygiene; wear socks, wash and dry well everyday.

The shoes: Change the insoles (time), disinfect shoes, alternate shoes, treat the
shoes with an antismell agent.


Outcome: This is one teenage issue that can be solved. Easily. If these solutions do not help your teen may need prescription medication to help control the sweating.

Pedicurian's best product recommendations to control sweat and smell for teens:


Terpenicol Shoe Spray

On Your Toes!


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