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Summer Feet - Prep, Pad and Pamper

Summer Feet - Prep, Pad and Pamper

How Can I Get Rid of Hot, Sweaty Summer Feet and Grunge?

We all wait for the great weather, sunshine and outdoors of summer.  You can’t wait to get into open shoes.  Feel the breeze on your feet and have the grass tickle your  toes.  You want to keep it light and easy down to your feet. Yet, it’s not so poetic and simple.  Reality check.   

  • Your feet get hot.
  • Your feet sweat a lot.
  • Your feet get dirty and grimy.
  • Your sandals may fit well when you leave the house, but as your feet swell during the day do sandal straps dig in and chafe your skin?
  • When you wear shoes without socks you worry about odor.

Feet exposed are more susceptible to injury, and the fungi that cause athlete’s foot thrive in hot, humid, wet weather.

You can minimize these hazards and enjoy summer days.  Prep, pad and pamper.



  • Silicone tape works like “magic” to prevent straps from digging in.
  • Podiatrist’s recommend wearing socks.
  • Improve alignment and shoe comfort with an orthotic. We even carry a terry lined summer orthotic that absorbs sweat when you don’t wear socks.


If you don’t like too many products you can try these multi-tasking all in one solutions:

Keep your feet fresh and healthy this summer.  Keep moving at Pedicurian for premium foot care tips and products.

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