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Foot Care Tips to get Ready for Spring

Foot Care Tips to get Ready for Spring

Spring Forward!!
Spring Into Action!!
Get a spring in your step!!

Do you feel the pulse of the new season? Are your feet ready to get going?  

Winter can be tough on your feet.  Cold, snow, sleet and ice.  Your feet are confined to socks, shoes and boots.  It was easy to hide them, even from yourself.  Now, they look bad and feel worse.  How are you going to get your feet presentable for sandals, espadrilles and travel and sports?

There is hope for your feet.  No need to despair.  You can say yes to:

  • Feet that look better.
  • Feet that feel good.
  • Feet that will love being out in the open fresh air.
  • Feet that keep you moving.

Don’t keep your feet stuck a winter operating system. Spring is the season for renewal and refresh.  Include your feet.  Follow seven steps to healthier, stronger and more beautiful feet this spring.

  1. Get to know your feet. It only takes two minutes of your time. Notice where they tend to hurt, where corns and calluses may form. Pad areas strategically, or even pad the entire bottom of your foot.  Ask yourself what is your most pressing foot problem.  Sweat, odor and grimeRough skin?  Painful cracked heels? Ungroomed or thick nails?  Achy feet at the end of the day? Are there any warts or moles that need the attention of a podiatrist?
  2. Develop a maintenance routine to prevent problems. Just like you have your car on a maintenance schedule, and you brush your teeth twice a day routines are primary to foot wellness.

Create a foot care routine that works for you.  With a foot care routine your feet will feel better, look better and have you running better (literally and figuratively). 

It’s easy, fast and simple.  Here are some essentials:

  • Make sure you keep your feet clean.
  • Keep the skin on your feet intact, smooth and free of cracks. Moisturize the top and bottom of your feet, but never between your toes. Remember to hydrate internally and externally. It’s hot outside and the water you drink flows down to your toes.
  • Exfoliate dry, flaky skin with a tool, cream or scrub.
  • Cut nails straight across. Most homegrown remedies will not work to fix an ingrown nail. Now is the time to show them off.  Try doctor recommended non-toxic nail polish formulate with nail conditioner and antifungal ingredients. We rave over their 40 gorgeous colors.
  • Soften calluses before they get thick, never use a blade yourself to cut calluses. Cushion
  • Do some spring cleaning. Get rid of old worn out shoes, they are bad for your feet. Refresh old shoes that smell funky.
  • Yes, it is better to wear socks with your sandals. Socks will protect and cushion your feet and absorb sweat. Yes, we understand that this is a fashion conundrum.
  • Remember to massage, soak, rest and treat your feet at the end of the day.

 Pedicurian keeps you moving.

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