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Seven Tips for Wearing Strappy Sandals

Seven Tips for Wearing Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are all the rage this season.  I actually remember them from the disco days of the 70’s.  They look great with today’s look, but two of the questions we are asked is how to wear them without the straps digging into your skin, or bottom of the foot pain from thinner soles.  Especially wearing strappy sandals with bare feet and as the day wears on and your feet swell.  Today many technologically advanced products in invisible, medical grade silicone padding make strappy sandals more comfortable.

Here are seven tips for wearing strappy sandals:

  1. Make sure your shoes fit properly.  Don’t assume the straps will loosen, actually they may feel tighter as you wear them longer and your feet swell.
  2. Get to know your feet. Where are your problem areas and where do you tend to have pain.
  3. Cushion. Use our silicone tape, invisible toe cushions for thongs and flip flops, under the foot purple pad for thin soles.
  4. Use invisible blister bandages if you do have irritations.
  5. Give your feet a great massage and soak at the end of the day if your feet ache.
  6. Alternate shoes and the type of shoes you wear.
  7. Keep your skin and nails in the healthiest conditions possible to make your shoes as comfortable as they can be. Remember, bad shoes do not cause foot problems, but they can aggravate them.


Look and feel great in today’s look.

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