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An Open Letter to the Princess About Her Heels

An Open Letter to the Princess About Her Heels

HRH Meghan Markle

London, England

Dear Meghan,  

You have become my favorite person to follow on the internet, from your smile down to your shoes. You grace many occasions in high heels, and might I add, you always look stunning.  

I’ve noticed one thing that concerns me. As someone who has worked alongside a podiatrist for many years, I’ve observed that there is a gap between your ankle and the back of your shoes. It seems you are wearing them too big, and this can be dangerous.

When your shoes are too big, your feet may jiggle and cause you to be unstable. You may think that the extra room will prevent your toes from crowding in the front of your shoes, when in fact, just the opposite is true. The extra space will cause your foot to slide forward even more, leaving even less room and making the shoes more painful in the front while increasing your risk of falling.   

Rumor has it that you also stuff cotton into the toes for a better fit and remove the cotton when your feet swell during the day. I’m so concerned that this is doing you more harm than good. Here are a few recommendations that I believe will be more helpful to you than your current strategy:

  1. The next time you buy shoes, go for a fitting at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest, to ensure that you receive the correct sizing.
  2. Buy shoes that are leather, both inside and out, as leather has a natural ‘give’ and will stretch with your feet.
  3. Before you don those heels, pretreat with a topical analgesic any areas of your feet that typically get painful during the day, but make sure you don’t use a formula that numbs them, as you want to be able to know when something is hurting you.
  4. To compensate in advance for any problems, pad your shoes for extra comfort. Silicone tape, toe tubes and cushions are all helpful. They work much better than cotton balls!
  5. If you tend to get blisters on your heels or toes, try using blister balm or clear blister bandages, to prevent unpleasant rubbing of your shoes against your skin.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any other questions, drop me a line! I’ll be happy to help…


The Pedicurian

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