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Nine Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Nine Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Nine Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

We all know that Mother said to go shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are slightly larger to get a correct fit.  Yet, as I an observer of feet, feet in shoes and purveyor of premium foot products I am often surprised with what you are doing.

  • You are barefoot on city streets, or almost bare in flip flops.
  • Your feet are popping out of your sandals.
  • You are running across the street on an icy day in four inch heels.
  • You are boots on a hot summer day (yeah, they look great with your outfit).
  • You have a huge gap between the back of your shoe and your ankle.
  • Your limping from the calluses and irritations caused by your shoes.


Here are nine tips for shoe success:

  • Shoes protect your feet in public areas and fight fungus.
  • Don’t share footgear.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly (and get rid of those that don’t).
  • Wear shoes for the appropriate season and activity.
  • Alternate shoes every day.
  • Know when you have a foot problem and see a podiatrist.
  • Know your feet and buy shoes appropriate for your foot type.
  • Don’t have your feet spend too much time in shoes made of synthetic materials that don’t ‘breath.’
  • Remember socks have a purpose.


Remember, bad shoes do not cause foot problems, but can aggravate them.  Join the ‘mindful of your feet’ movement to feel great, look great and do the things you love. (No membership fees, just two minutes a day to care for your feet.)


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