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Podiatrist's Product Edits

Podiatrist's Product Edits

Did you ever stand in the drugstore or in front of your computer screen and wonder what product really will work?  What is it really worth spending my money on?  Which ingredients are really effective and which are hype and marketing?

You read the reviews.

You ask friends.

You read the fine print.

Pedicurian.com is the next best thing to having a foot specialist shop with you.

Our in house podiatrist curates and approves all products.  We sell you the same products we recommend to the patients in our office.  We are sharing with our top seven products that are recommended on clinical examination by our podiatrist in residence.  They correspond to the seven most common conditions that you can help at home.

#1 Mild foot misalignment, uncomfortable shoes.

Pedag Orthotics:  These orthotics correct mild mechanical imbalance, makes shoes more comfortable and improve walking.  Different models available for dress shoes, sports and even ballet flats.

#2 Cracked Heels, Calluses

Pedicurian Intense Skin Softening Stick:  Heals cracks and minimizes callus and hard skin build up.  No mess, excellent for spot treating.

#3 Excessive Sweat

Sweatstop: Stops sweat without drying your skin (available through our office only).

#4 Heel Pain

Dr. Jill's Adjustable Heel Lift:  Rigid heel pad lifts heels to relieve heel pain.

#5 Toe Corn, Toe Irritations, Hammer Toes 

Tubes and Toe Caps:  Protect and cushion sensitive toe areas 

#6 Keep Nails Trimmed

Toenail clipper:  Helps you accurately trim nails and personal tools prevent infection.  Always trim straight across and don’t round the corners.

#7 Athlete’s Foot

Shoe Zap:  Ultraviolet shoe trees to destroy fungus in shoes.  May be used by the whole family.

Keep Moving with Pedicurian.

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