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Podiatrist's Seven Best Tips for Healthy Feet

Podiatrist's Seven Best Tips for Healthy Feet

What's attached to us but we oftentimes wish looked a bit different or felt a bit differently? 

Your feet!

You try to ignore them, dress them up with polish, or sometimes we simply resort to hiding them in our shoes and socks.

Does this sound familiar?

Reckoning does come with discomfort and pain that may limit what you love to do, or you may just want your feet to look better.  

Whether or not you have feet that cause you discomfort, pain, and limit your mobility or you just want them to feet better, it's time to give your feet the attention they deserve. 

Preventive care can keep your feet healthy, comfortable and looking their best. 

Can you picture having your vehicle for 10 years and not going to ever change the oil?

You wouldn't even think of it!

Your feet are much the same. They take the brunt of a lot on a daily basis and do a hefty job when it comes to being the base and foundation for wherever our everyday lives take us.

It takes some courage to face the reality of what we do to our feet, but with just an additional two-minutes to our daily routine, think of your feet just as you would brushing your teeth - it's something you have to do for your health! 

7 Podiatrist recommended tips for keeping your feet looking and feeling their best:

  • Wash and dry your feet every day
  • Check the skin for dryness and moisturize as needed
  • Spot treat or exfoliate rough or thicker callused areas
  • Don't let sweat and smell get you down, it's easily and effectively treatable
  • Check your nails and cut them straight across to prevent ingrown nails
  • Be aware of where you would like your shoes or feet to feel better, pad to improve comfort
  • Use sunscreen all over, including your toes, and make sure to include your feet in all skin cancer checks

Pedicurian is here to help with everything footcare related. We offer a curated array of products to make your new two-minute foot care routine easy to stick to while packing the biggest punch when it comes to making sure that you get the healthy beautiful feet you deserve. 

Many cosmetic companies make big promises, but we're a bit different. Our mission doesn't just focus on creating an item that sells but doesn't deliver results, we stand by our promise to deliver products that not only work, are beneficial for your feet, and the healthier option, but our website is backed by over 25-years of clinical experience in podiatry and all things related to our feet!

Each product has been tested and approved by our certified podiatrist. 

Why choose Pedicurian?

We're here to help keep you moving, giving you the beautiful, healthy feet you deserve by providing you with the products that deliver the best results.

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