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Foot Alignment and Orthotics

Foot Alignment and Orthotics

Does every pair of shoes you wear seems to be uncomfortable?

Your feet even hurt in sneakers.

Shoes gap on you.

You and all your relatives have flat feet, or bunions, or heel pain.  You may also experience ankle, shoulder or knee pain.

My life would improve if I could walk without pain and wear the shoes I love.

I want a solution that works so I don’t have to slow down.

You may have tried ‘memory foam’ or gel cushions thinking that softer is more comfortable.  They may have made you feel even worse.  They actually aggravate misalignment.

Even if you have tried orthotics, pain meds and ugly shoes keep reading for a solution.

Your symptoms of flat feet, bunions or heel pain are medically considered symptoms of misaligned feet.  Think of what your car drives like before a wheel alignment.

Realign your feet with an orthotic

What is an orthotic?

A shoe insert that is designed to position your foot in the correct ‘neutral’ position that correctly aligns the bones.

  • Your feet feel better.  
  • Your shoes fit better. 
  • You improve the way you walk.
  • You may have tried orthotics, even expensive custom ones that don’t work and are sitting in a drawer.  

Orthotic shopping is confusing.  There are OTC products, devices made by computer scanning or stepping into foam.

Our professional team of foot experts sorts this all for you.

Our recommendation:

Try an APMA approved OTC orthotic with minimal expense. 

You can get more shoe comfort starting at $35.00.  We offer an array of orthotics so that you can match the shoe style you wear and activity you want to do.  

Runners, skiers and ballet flat wearers are happy with orthotics built to fit athletic shoes, dress shoes and flats or heels.

Podiatrists recommend and sell these devices in their office.

If this helps you 80-100% you’re done.  

If you are helped less than 80% you may be a candidate for a custom device. You may need professional medical intervention.  Remember aspirin doesn’t cure a strep infection.  Buyer beware the only effective custom devices are made with plaster casts.

We eliminate the confusion by curating the vast offering out there to keep you moving.

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