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Foot Peels Pedicure or Pedicurse? Can the bottoms of my feet be too soft?

Foot Peels Pedicure or Pedicurse? Can the bottoms of my feet be too soft?

Your feet are calloused and rough on the bottom.  When you walk in flip flops or other sandals they look a bit gross and may even have uncomfortable thick calluses.   You want them to feel soft and smooth and comfortable.  You have read a lot about Korean foot peels.  There is a lot of buzz and raves about this treatment that claims to give you baby soft skin and reduce odor effectively and effortlessly.

What’s this all about?

Your body was constructed with a special type of skin on the bottom of your feet that is thicker.  The thick skin is there to protect you by absorbing the pressure of each step and your entire weight.  The skin may thicken even more and calluses form as natures form of protection.

Dry ‘dead’ skin on your feet is a magnet for odor causing bacteria. Once you get rid of the dry, flaky skin your feet smell better.

How does a foot peel work?

You wear plastic socks that contain a combination of acids for about an hour.  You soak your feet for 15 minutes a day for 5 days and layers of the skin on the bottom of your feet slough off.

The risks of foot peels?

  • Acid burns.
  • Allergy.
  • 60 minutes plus 15 minutes a day for five days.
  • Approximately $20.00 per treatment.
  • Gross Factor: Your skin falls off all over the place.
  • Removing too much skin that you need to keep walking.

Causes of calluses on the bottom of feet:

  • Poor Fitting Shoes where typically the foot is sliding around.
  • Aging and the deterioration of the natural fat pads under the skin.
  • Biomechanical imbalance where the bones are misaligned. Flat feet are one example of this.
  • Injury.

Conclusion:  Excessive thick skin is a symptom. Our recommendation is to skip this beauty treatment.  Notice that we do not sell this type of item on our site.

I still need to get the soles of my feet looking and feeling better.  What should I do?

Here is your solution that is safer, takes less time and cost.

  • Treat the underlying problem.
  • Make sure your shoes fit well.
  • Add extra padding as you age.
  • Add an orthotic to position your foot in neutral*
  • Out of control excessively thick and painful calluses need professional removal by a podiatrist.

Best maintenance practices to soften the bottom of your feet and control callus buildup:

  • Exfoliate often with a quality tool on a dry foot. Contrary to popular practice that advocates soaking to soften the callus soaking will distort the skin and yield a less effective removal of thick, calluses skin.
  • Use a moisturizer with salicylic acid where you control the amount of acid you put on your skin. Our moisturizer also contains 42% Urea to condition and renew the bottoms of your feet for softness.
  • Keep hydrating daily.

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep moving @pedicurian.com.

*You may need to see a foot professional to address this problem if our OTC orthotics don’t help.

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