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DIY Home Self Pedicure

Stuck at home like most of the nation? Ready to climb the walls? Boss inundating you with emails? Kids antsy? And of course the place where you go to de-stress and look good, the nail salon, is now closed. Great news - you still have a way to make yourself feel and look great, a safe, at-home pedicure!

Yes you can do it! You will have not only have great looking toes but taking good care of your feet can directly improve your overall health, keep you moving and prevent more serious foot problems.

Take your time. Remember how much time you schedule at the salon. Now let’s go through the steps to make your at-home pedicure the best you’ve ever had and the safest!

  • Disinfect. Instruments, pedicure bowl.
  • Cleanse. Start with clean, dry feet. A dry pedicure will give you softer, smoother skin and is more accurate for filing calluses.  Remove old polish. Acetone free remover is effective, enriched and is less harsh on your nails than a traditional polish remover.
  • Exfoliate. Use a scrub, pumice stone or cream with acid to remove dead skin. Use whatever method you feel most comfortable with. Spot treat rough skin or thicker callused areas. If your calluses recur frequently try medical grade silicone padding, extra strength moisturizers or an orthotic to cushion the area.
  • Nails. Trim nails straight across to prevent ingrown nails. File to smooth rough edges. Buff. Avoid using a blade or any other sharp implement to cut calluses or to dig out ingrown nails.
  • Cuticles. Gently soften and push back cuticles, do not cut them.
  • Moisturize. Your feet daily to prevent cracks and maintain healthy skin.
  • Finish. With 2 in 1 base and top coat and over 40 colors of safe, anti-fungal polish available on our site. Disguise problem nails with matte top coat.
  • Soak. To relax and relieve stress. This step cleanses and hydrates too!
  • Wash. Your hands after taking care of your feet.

All the items you need for health, gorgeous feet are available at Pedicurian.

Wishing all of you health and safety now and always.

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