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Cornavirus and Your Feet

Cornavirus and Your Feet

Your foot health is more important than ever as the Coronavirus spreads through our communities. You may be asking: What, my feet? What do they have to do with a respiratory illness?

Immune System.

Although we are all at G-d’s mercy during this trying time it is incumbent on all of us to take responsible measures to protect ourselves and stay strong. In addition to hand washing and social distancing the best recommendation to stay healthy is to reduce stress levels and strengthen your immune system.

“Stress can certainly hurt your immune system” Dr. Morgan Katz, Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases at John Hopkins University

How can my feet help keep my immune system strong?

They keep you moving! Exercise lowers stress levels and cortisol levels and strengthens immune system function. Now that gyms are closed and team sports are cancelled enjoy the outdoors! Stay fit with a 30-60 minute walk each day.


What foot issues need care?

Dr. Baldinger recommends addressing foot issues promptly to avoid serious complications. Even ‘low level’ medical issues, such as athletes foot, should be treated.

Foot problems typically get worse and not resolve by themselves. Staying in means DIY solutions. You can learn more about solutions to many foot problems and find premium, effective products at pedicurian.com.


If your feet are fine, keep them that way. Just as we are all washing our hands, pay attentions to washing your feet too.

  • Wash and dry well.
  • Use moisturizer for dry areas.
  • Cut nails straight across and do not cut corners off.

Stay safe and healthy. 

- Judy Baldinger, Vice President, Pedicurian

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