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Can Incontinence Pads Make Your Shoes and Heels More Comfortable?

Can Incontinence Pads Make Your Shoes and Heels More Comfortable?

walking in high heels

True or False?

Can incontinence pads make your shoes and heels more comfortable?

Believe it or not, it’s TRUE!

Kind of.

According to Wiivvs blog, “10 Hacks to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable,” “maxi pads, the thickest, bounciest ones you can find can make your feet feel more comfortable as you pound the pavement. You may benefit from extra padding if your booties, heels, flats or thin-soled shoes feet uncomfortable. Apart from resting your foot on a soft and squishy bed, it may have the added benefit of absorbing any foot sweat. Obviously not to be used with sandals or slides.”

While it's true that they may provide a quick fix and allow for more comfort when it comes to pain relief on the forefoot and ball of your foot, the pads will degrade and are only a temporary fix.

What tips and tricks work better to provide pain relief?

An Arch Support

An arch support puts your foot in correct anatomical, neutral alignment. They provide support and absorb the shock of contact with the ground while wearing heels. Many are slim enough for your heels, dress shoes, boots, and flats.

How will you know if an arch support fits properly?

To ensure a proper fit, an arch support has to have full contact with your foot and not spill over the side. If there is a gap between the support and your arch you will not be supported and if your arch is pushed up you may have even more pain.

Many arch supports have a slim profile, do not take up room in the toe box and are specially designed to fit in heels or ballet flats.


Cushions can be placed go in the bottom of your heels to add an extra layer of softness or can be placed in specific problem areas such as hammertoes, corns, or calluses.

The Dr. Jill’s Gel Dancer’s Pad is specifically designed for forefoot pain with a cut out surrounding the area under the big toe on the ball of the foot. This redistributes weight from the first metatarsal head and reduces pressure under the big toe joint as well as the ball of the foot.

It’s common to have questions about the proper placement of the cushion. To solve this problem many of Pedicurian’s cushions are designed to stick to the bottom of the foot and not placed in shoes. You get relief exactly where you need it!

It’s important to note that the best cushions are made of medical-grade silicone and not plastics or resins.


An additional tip is to pretreat any areas that tend to get painful during the day. We recommended trying our Topricin Foot Therapy Cream providing pain while making sure your feet do not go numb. Pre-treating areas that typically tend to get painful goes a long way to easing joint and muscle pain.

And last but certainly not least, make sure your shoes fit properly and address any corn or calluses you may have.

Feel good, look good, and walk with ease in all your shoes!

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