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Is foot pain keeping your heels in the back of your closet?

Is foot pain keeping your heels in the back of your closet?

Love the Heels, Hate the Pain? Tips and Tricks for more style with less pain.

Is foot pain keeping your heels in the back of the closet?

Sure sweats are comfy, so are no shoes, slippers or sneakers.  Miss dressing up?

Are your heels in the back of your closet because you dread the pain when you wear them?

WFH aside you may have ditched your heels because of foot conditions that make wearing heels painful.  You can't smile and enjoy yourself with pain at every step.

There are five types of common foot conditions that commonly make wearing heels painful.  You can alleviate the symptoms these conditions cause with our expert tips and tricks.

Morton’s Neuroma

You have pain when a nerve is pinched between your third and fourth toes. Heels put more pressure on the ball of your foot and each step can be torture.


  • Put less stress on your pinched nerve with a metatarsal support that does not take up room in the toe box or a ball of foot cushion (this product was developed by a podiatrist).
  • Get shoes with a wider toe box or stretch your shoes. When your forefoot spreads out the nerve is less likely to pinch.
  • Lower your heel height or add a platform to have less of a pitch and reduce the pressure.
  • Get professional treatment for the cause and symptom.

Hammer Toes, Bunions and Toe Rub

Your toes are uncomfortably rubbing the top of your shoe.  The rub has even caused a callus or corn to form causing more pain.


  • Build in more support with our podiatrist recommended insole thin insole that does not take up room in the toe box. This improves your alignment and the way your foot sits in the shoe.
  • Use our super thin toe tubes  mad from medical grade silicone to prevent the toes from chafing. Padding is available for  bunions, little toes and in between toes.
  • Buy shoes that are wider in the toe box and have rounder toes.
  • Make sure the front of the shoe covers your bunion.

Blisters and New Shoes

Nothing is really wrong with your feet, but blisters and abrasions can ruin an evening.


  • Make sure your shoes fit with no gaps on the side and back.
  • New shoes? Do a trial run to ‘break in your shoes’ and to have them ‘mold’ to your feet.
  • Use invisible silicone tape before you wear your heels if they still rub, or if an area is raw.
  • Stick with leather shoes and avoid synthetic materials.

Achy Feet

Joint and muscle pain are common as the bones, muscles and ligaments get more stress in heels.


  • Pretreat your feet before your wear heels with a mild analgesic that does not numb your feet.
  • Buy heels with more padding inside the sole, or add ½ rubber soles.
  • TLC and after care works. Give your feet a good soak and massage.


Final tip to all:  Heels have limitations.  As much as you would like to only wear heals and wear them all day they are best for limited wear and your grand entrance.  

Get your heels out of the closet for the holidays.   Keep moving with Pedicurian.

Effective, luxury foot products curated by a podiatrist.

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