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Let's Honor our Feet

Let's Honor our Feet

Take off your shoes and socks to celebrate.  National I LOVE My Feet Day! is observed annually on August 17. This is a day to appreciate how valuable our feet are. 

  • They carry us through life and all we do each day.
  • They quietly and faithfully help us stand, swim, run, walk, play sports, jog, skip and dance.
  • Our feet carry all our weight each day with every step.
  • Our feet are a miracle of engineering with bones, muscles and tendons.


75% of the adult population experiences a foot problem sometime in their lives.  Show them some love for your own betterment and health.

  • Maintenance: Many foot problems can be avoided with good care. Sometimes only two minutes a day to prevent ingrown nails, dry skin, crack, manage fungus infections, smell and sweat. Taking care of our feet is important for preventing long-term problems.
  • Use
  • Years of wear and tear can be hard on them, as can disease, bad circulation, improperly trimmed toenails and poorly fitting shoes, yet foot pain is not necessary and much can be done to compensate for these problems and walk with more ease and comfort.
  • Proper fitting shoes and shoes that are appropriate for the activity and weather.
  • Treat injuries right away, and if pain persists see a podiatrist.
  • Remember to pamper and give your feet some love. Soak & Massage. Soften & Smooth.

Pedicurian empowers you to better looking and healthier feet with the premium foot care products and foot care tips.  Don't let foot pain slow you down do what you want and go where you want to with ease and comfort.

National I LOVE My Feet Day! was submitted by Carolyn D. Jenkinsin May 2015.  She is the founder of the Jenkins Donelson Foundation, and advocate for foot care for individuals who cannot access proper footwear and proper foot care.

Give your feet some love. You deserve it.

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