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Do you ever wonder how Lady Gaga wears such outrageous shoes?

Do you ever wonder how Lady Gaga wears such outrageous shoes?

Did you just discard an almost new pair of shoes because they were uncomfortable?

Do you have difficulty finding shoes that fit well?

Were you surprised the shoes were uncomfortable?  Can’t wait to get home and kick off your shoes, even before you take off your coat?

They didn’t feel that way in the store, They seem to be made well, from good materials.  They cost a lot, but hurt every time you wear them.  

Working from home we have gotten accustomed to a certain level of comfort down to our toes.

Are your ready for a shoe reset in 2021? 

Here are some shoe buying tips, tricks and hacks to give you more comfort throughout your day.

    1. Measure your feet for size changes and don’t assume standard sizing across shoe brands. Your own feet may be different sizes too. Always fit for the larger foot.

      Feet change during your adult life. Health changes, pregnancy and aging all cause changes in your feet.

    2. Replace the insole that comes with the shoe to a high quality ready made orthotic that is made for the type shoe and type of activity. Orthotics improve the way your foot fits into the shoe as it improves the alignment of your feet in the shoe.
    3. Look at the shoe construction.
      • The shoe should bend as your foot bends at the ball of your foot.
      • Be rigid under the arch.
      • Have cushioning in the sole. If the soles are thin add a half rubber sole for traction and comfort.
      • If you can bend the shoe in half at the arch or if the shoe is so stiff that it doesn’t move with your toes toss it.
    4. Gaps can indicate a misfit. Shoes that are too big put you at greater risk for falling. Your heels should not slide in and out with each step.
    5. Sometimes you have to compensate for a foot deformity. Add silicone padding. A more sophisticated approach have a Pedorthist trick out the inside of the shoe to better conform to your foot. You can even do this with Manolo’s.
    6. Cushy and flat does not always mean comfort. Ultra soft shoes or flat shoes without support can aggravate certain foot conditions such as heel pain.
    7. You don’t have to give up the shoes you love to wear. Read our high heel comfort guide to find out how to make even heels fit better and feel more comfortable.
    8. Take care of your feet. It can be your feet and not the shoes. Smooth skin, and trimmed nails will make your shoes feel better.
    9. You don’t have to wear ugly shoes to feel comfortable.

Premium, quality orthotics, medical grade silicone padding and other luxury foot care items curated by a Podiatrist are available Pedicurian! 

Additional best tips for shoe shopping are in a 2015 Harvard Health Newsletter.

As for Lady Gaga. If you notice her feet in outrageous shoes they are almost always on an even plane.

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