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What to do about a Neuroma?

What to do about a Neuroma?

This is the season for your heels and dress shoes. Yet, are you hesitating? …. Does your face lose its smile every time you take a step? Do you experience numbing or pins and needle like pain between your third and fourth toes?

You may have a neuroma. Do your feet feel so painful that?

  • Walking even five steps torture?
  • You can never find shoes that are comfortable?
  • Even sneakers never provide relief?
  • You’ve stopped your exercise routine that keeps the rest of you healthy?
  • You discarded your heels in the middle of the party?
  • You stop often, take off your shoes and massage your feet?

Neuromas can cause misery with each step. They also get progressively worse.

What is a neuroma?

A neuroma is a thickening and/or inflammation of the nerve. The most common area to have this is between your third and fourth toes. A neuroma, often called Morton’s neuroma

Here are the best tips, tricks and hacks to make your heels feel better.

Why is this happening?

Neuromas can be caused by trauma. It could also just be your feet.

The newest medical research points to an internal misalignment of your foot bones causing neuroma pain. Today, alignment can be easily corrected, and to be considered before cutting the nerve.  Symptoms of foot misalignment can be a high arch or flat foot syndrome.

What can I do about the pain now?

Start with your shoes.

The first line of treatment is to make sure your shoes fit and are wide enough. Check to see if your shoes are: 

  • Too large or too small.
  • Too narrow across the widest part of your foot. Your toes need enough room too. Squeezing your feet at the widest part causes neuroma pain.  Shoe stretching helps.
  • Extra pressure on the balls of your feet when your feet are in heels. Lower your heel height to ease the pressure on your forefoot. Podiatrists recommend two inches or lower. I know this can be tough for those of you who love heels.
  • Try thicker soles they will reduce pressure on the forefoot.

Try our Prep, Pad and Pamper Method to get relief of neuroma symptoms.

Prep-Pretreat areas that get painful before you wear your heels. Try our best selling  topical analgesic that won’t numb your feet.  

Pad- Strategically pad. An orthotic will hold your foot in the correct neutral position and reduce symptoms. Wear an orthotic with a metatarsal pad. When the metatarsals are spread the nerve isn’t constricted.  They even come in slim versions specially  designed for dress shoes, heels and flats.   Pad the ball of your feet to ease pressure and if your soles are thin.

Pamper- Massage is great. Use a massage ball and soak at the end of the day for relief.

If these tips and tricks don’t offer relief, it’s time to see a podiatrist.

Feel better, walk better and keep moving @ pedicurian.com.

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