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The Man-i-cure - Manicures & Pedicures for Men

The Man-i-cure - Manicures & Pedicures for Men

Just as women are crossing cultural barriers and breaking stereotypes, men are venturing into what’s been considered the “women’s only” world of the manicure, pedicure, and nail salon.

The Wall Street Journal published an article over the summer, “Nice Toes, Bro. Young Men Invade Nail Salons,” stating that women are starting to see more men in the salon in recent months. Have you noticed this too?

Men who have long ignored their nails, especially on their feet have conveniently hidden the really gross things they may be embarrassed by socks and shoes. As men are becoming more conscious of grooming their own nails, instead of hiding their feet, they’re going to the salon to get a pedicure.

But, what exactly is a pedicure?

Most of us think of the finished product of shiny, lacquered picture perfect nails with soft, picture-perfect skin. The process to achieve the look is ‘the pedicure.’ The definition of a pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of feet and toenails. The polish is only the finishing touch.

The pedicure process may include the following:
  • Soak in a whirlpool
  • Toenails clipped and filed
  • Cuticles trimmed
  • Calluses removed
  • Massage
  • Nail Polish
As many men walk into the salon for the first time, the experience of a pedicure may look and feel great but as many experienced salon goers will tell you, take a few precautions and make yourself aware of some of the downsides of the salon pedicure.

Podiatric practices see many salon infections including, fungus and bacterial infections from whirlpools, cutting cuticles, improper nail cutting, and aggressive callus removal.

Men, to get the best grooming you deserve for your feet, it’s important to know some standard best practices.
  • Avoid the whirlpool. This feels great but dry feet allow for better removal of calluses. If you do like to soak to ease muscle and joint pain try it at home. Pedicurian’s pedicure bowl fits up to size 14 feet and can be easily sanitized.
  • Take your own nail implements and clean them between use.
  • Make sure nails are cut straight across.
  • Never cut cuticles, push them back as needed.
  • If your calluses are very thick and painful have a podiatrist remove them.
  • Prevent callus buildup and keep thick skin soft with Pedicurian’s no-mess Intense Softening 30% Urea Stick.
  • If you have a discolored or diseased nail, we recommend our Dr.'s Remedy MODEST Matte Top Coat that will cosmetically cover a discolored or diseased nail.

To maintain your pedicure and well-groomed feet, add two minutes a day to your regular grooming routine to keep your feet healthy and looking great by lotioning and occasionally soaking. Regular pedicures are done every 4-6 weeks.

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