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The Best Products for Spring

The Best Products for Spring

You’re picky where you spend your dollars.  You haven’t found exactly what works really well. You really want feet that keep you moving, look good and feet great. Which is why we scrutinize, test and review foot care products to find the best, most effective products for you with the results you need.  Each product must pass our 9 point test and fit into our product criteria.  

We keep moving to keep you moving.

1. Remedy Nails New Fearless Foot Finisher.

The Takeaway-Multi use product that is applied directly on the foot by means of a hands free/mess free container, similar to a solid deodorant stick. The balm is antibacterial, antifungal, deodorizing and therapeutic. Made with shea butter, sunflower, eucalyptus, mango, cocoa seed, tea tree oil and peppermint!

2. New Spring Nail Polish Colors from Dr. Remedy.

The Takeaway-You can now be fashion forward and safe. Lusturous nail polish colors that add anti fungal and nail hydrating ingredients while eliminating 10 dangerous additives.  Long lasting too! New colors for spring Lyrical Lilac and Serenity Sage.

3. Pedicurian Toe Tubes. 

The Takeaway- Protection and comfort with washable, reusable toe tubes in medical grade silicone. 

4.  Premium Plus Anatomical Orthotic from Saluber. More running and walking comfort. Improve foot alignment and cushion your feet.  Great for runners and anyone who works on their feet all day. Full-length Poron® memory membrane cushions and absorbs impact to relieve pain, fatigue, and distributes the body’s weight to all areas of the foot.

5. Terpenicol Athlete’s Foot Cream.

The Takeaway-Three active ingredients work for you in a premium, effective OTC to fight fungus. New from Blaine Labs.

6.  Sport Toe Cap.  Prevent and protect your toes from micro trauma to your toes, instantly absorb pressure and friction, help prevent and ease pain from ingrown nails, corns, hammer toes and blisters.  More protection and longer lasting than regular toe tubes.

At Pedicurian we work hard to keep you moving!

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