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Solutions for Cracked and Dry Winter Feet

Solutions for Cracked and Dry Winter Feet

Why does the skin on my feet crack and feel dry in the winter?

Winter can be hard on your feet.  Yes, the skin on your feet can crack more throughout the winter months. Cracked heels and dry skin are annoying, unsightly and sometimes painful. 

Why do my feet crack more in the winter?

  • Low humidity in the air.
  • Feet sweat more in heavier winter footwear and socks. Wetness dries your skin.
  • Shoes that get wet inside and sometimes don’t completely dry out.

Skin on your feet can also crack due to an underlying medical condition such as fungus infections, eczema, obesity, diabetes or hypothyroidism.  This discussion is only about dry, cracked feet due to winter weather.

Why is it important to treat cracked skin on my feet?

Cracks on the skin of your feet are not medically low level.  The cracks are portals to more serious fungal and bacterial infection.  Keeping the skin on your feet healthy can prevent a more serious medical problem from occuring.

What can I do about dry, cracked skin on my feet this winter?

You can do a lot to remedy this condition. It’s easy too.  It’s a two step process that will take two minutes a day.

How to best treat cracked heels and dry winter skin?

  1. Exfoliate
  • Use a premium stainless steel files that do not shred the skin on a clean dry foot. Premium, easily sanitizable, files are available at pedicurian.com.
  • No gadgets are necessary to get smooth skin on your feet.
  • Do not soak your feet first. Soaking will distort the skin and make exfoliation less accurate.
  1.  Moisturize
  • Use a cream that has at least 30% Urea to soften and restore the skin. Try Pedicurian’s own no-mess roll on. Moisturize every day. It’s important not only to hydrate your skin, but to also repair and restore the skin on your feet. 
  • Repeat every day on a clean, dry feet.
  • If your cracks do not heal test for a fungus infection.

What results can I expect? What will treatment do for me?

Enjoy the feel of smooth heels and skin on your feet

  • Healthy feet = healthier you and wellness all over.
  • Better looking feet. We know it's winter but everyone still wants to look great.
  • Participate, enjoy and engage as your feet move you through life with ease.

Why do I need products formulated for my feet?

The skin on your feet is different that the skin on other parts of your body.  The top of your feet have soft skin and the bottom of your feet have thicker skin with an abundance of sweat glands. 

Where can I purchase the products to heel dry cracked heels and dry skin?

Pedicurian offers files and our own branded cream in four levels of hydration.

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