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Prep, Pad and Pamper for Foot Comfort and Health

Prep, Pad and Pamper for Foot Comfort and Health

You want...

  • Your feet to FEEL good.
  • Your feet to LOOK great.
  • Your feet to MOVING effortlessly. 


  • How can I take care of my feet?
  • Can I take care of my feet at home, without seeking professional services?

Than answer is simple, YES, you can. With three easy and fast steps.

At our podiatry office we noticed how many visits could be avoided with minimal maintenance and care. Our observations led us to an easy patient education program that we want to share with you and the best foot care products that work for, not against you.

Get Ready...

Here are the three easy steps we want to share with you direct from our program.

 Step 1: Prep, your feet.
  • Get to know your feet. Where are the pain points and when do they happen?
  • Cleanse daily and dry your feet well.
  • Wear activity and weather appropriate shoes and socks.
Step 2: Pad, to improve alignment and comfort.
  • Add cushioning - you’re pounding the concrete.
  • Use area specific padding compensate for less that perfect shape.
  • Use orthotics to improve the alignment of your feet, and entire body. As a result, your hips, knees and shoulders will be less stressed too.
Step 3: Pamper, the unwind routine. 
  • Treat soreness.
  • Cleanse, massage and moisturize.


Your feet deserve a little TLC for carrying you through your day. Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to happier, healthier feet! 

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