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ShoeZap® 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer


UV Sanitizer deodorizes and disinfects your shoes and boots. Effective in neutralizing fungus and bacteria living in your shoes to minimize fungal infections and reinfections.

Dark, damp footwear is the perfect breeding ground for organisms that infect your skin and nails.

  • Most effective when used with other anti-fungal treatments.
  • Works in just 15 minutes.

Your solution for eliminating fungus and bacteria in your shoes and preventing the cycle of recontamination.

  • Destroys germs in your shoes that can infect your feet with safe UVC germicidal light.
  • The effective, fast and easy way to kill fungus and bacteria that cause Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Nails, Foot and Shoe Odor, Diabetic Infections and more.
  • Keeps shoes microscopically clean and hygienic - without toxic chemical sprays.
  • Clinically proven technology.
  • Safe and effective, 15-minute automatic-off time.
  • Excellent for diabetic hygiene and to prevent reinfection from your own shoes.
  • Sanitizer fits all footwear styles and sizes, so ShoeZap® will disinfect every shoe in your home and family — Men’s, Women’s, Teens and Children.
  • Box Contains: 2 Shoe Sanitizers (1 pair), 2 Protective Shoe Bags, User Manual, A/C Power Adapter, UV Warning Card & Product Registration Card.

How to Use

Place Sanitizers inside shoes. Place shoes in UV-proof safety bags. Power 'On'. Device turns off automatically after 15-minute treatment. See included user manual for complete operation information.



Read ALL instructions before using this product. Use only as directed. Failure to read, understand and follow operator's manual & all safety signs could result in serious injury. WARNING: UV LIGHT HAZARD. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT UV LIGHT OR EXPOSE TO SKIN WHILE PRODUCT IS IN OPERATION. Before use: Always insert Sanitizers into shoes, then shoes into safety bags. Do not remove shoes from shoe bags or Sanitizers from shoes while the device is on. Caution: Bulbs are HOT during and after use - DO NOT TOUCH. Keep out of reach of children.