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PediFix Pedi-smart Toe Straightener/Toe trainer/Budin Splint for One, Two or Three Toes


Ease toe pain and align crooked, overlapping toes that are still flexible with elastic bands that gently guide deformed toes into place.

Your solution for more walking comfort and better shoe fit when toes overlap.

  • Soft, adjustable, cotton-covered foam splints with Velcro® fasteners guide toes into their correct position.
  • Encourage flexing and extension of hammer toes to prevent fixation and rigidity.
  • Divide toes that rub to relieve corns and other irritations.
  • Requires minimal space.
  • Make shoes more comfortable.
  • Interchangeable right or left foot.
  • Scissor-trimmable.
  • Washable.

How to Use

Insert thinnest part of Toe Trainer between problem toes so short straps with Velcro fasteners are on top of toes. (Long straps will be underneath toes.) Wrap each long strap around adjacent toes and attach each long strap to the short Velcro straps. Scissor-trim if needed.


Hand wash. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in towel to remove excess moisture. Air dry completely before reuse.


If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician before using. If numbness, discoloration, irritation or additional pain occurs, discontinue use immediately. If symptoms persist, visit a foot specialist.Ingredients


Cotton and elastic loop, Foam pad