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On Your Toes® Bactericide Powder for Foot and Shoe Odor


On Your Toes stops your offensive foot odor and shoe odor with a natural remedy for your shoes and feet.  Have peace of mind with one safe, simple treatment. 

  • Works by eliminating the bacteria that causes foot odor.
  • Podiatrist recommended.
  • Unique safe micro refined formula actually binds itself to the footwear & prevents the growth of bacteria for over six months.
  • Does NOT contain ALUMINUM.
  • Safe for children.
  • Powerful enough to handle even the smelliest of sports shoes. Works in all types of footwear, even fur lined boots!
  • Recommended by doctors for over 22 years.
  • Manufacturer guaranteed or your money back!.3/4 Oz Tube

How to Use

On Your Toes treatment is a powder, the cap of the bottle is used as a measure, one capful per foot. Wash your feet and towel dry. Sprinkle one capful of On Your Toes over each foot and massage into the entire foot. Repeat daily for three days. wash hands after each treatment.

At the beginning of the foot treatment Two capfuls should be applied in each shoe, shake the shoes vigorously with you hand covering the top to prevent spilling the powder, this will ensure the interior surface is well covered & will destroy any residual bacteria, On Your Toes will remain active in the footwear for at least six months!

If you wear Sneakers or work boots daily we would suggest doubling the quantity in the footwear to four capfuls instead of two.



Bactericide USP purified micro fined oxide of zinc.

Customer Reviews

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Solved the problem!

I put On Your Toes foot powder in my children’s shoes and we no longer have the stinky foot smell in the house when they take off their shoes.