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NuFoot Ballet Flats


Get that great barefoot feeling combined with comfort and style in a ballet flat that is somewhere between slippers and socks. Ultralight, seamless and affordable neoprene slippers with a slip-resistant sole that fits your foot snugly, stretching in every direction for comfort, Your feet will be happy, clean and warm.

Your solution for protecting your feet while keeping the barefoot feeling.

  • Seamless design prevents irritation and conforms to the natural contours of your feet. 
  • Try them at airports; perfect for security checks and for comfort while in flight.
  • Allergic to cold? Keep your feet warm.
  • Wide feet or Edema? NuFoot will stretch to fit
  • Non-slip sole
  • Machine washable

How to Use

Nufoot is a 4-way stretch shoe that accommodates a wide range of foot shapes and sizes. 


Hand or machine washed in cold water and left to air dry.


Not recommended for use outdoors, or at a beach or pool. Outdoor use will shorten the lifespan of the product.


Neoprene Fabric