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Nature Fit 9001 Orthotic


Ultra-thin, flexible, strong, premium 3/4 orthotic that is thin enough to fit into your ballet flats, dress shoes or  pumps. Does not take up room in the toe box.
Premium orthotics to improve gait, posture and walking and foot comfort in your shoes by positioning your feet in correct alignment.  

  • Ultra-thin and does not take up room in the toe box.
  • Fits into most shoes without increasing shoe size.
  • Flexible, will not warp, crush or lose their shape.
  • Features a longitudinal arch only, reducing the pressure on the toes by lowering the metatarsals.
  • An effective alternative to custom orthotics.  
  • Easily washable, no odor, anti-slip coating.
  • Best uses for heel height 2" or less with closed heels
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage.
  • One Pair

How to Use

Insert into shoes. Pay attention to the right and left insert to insure proper placement. Take with you when you buy new shoes to insure proper fit.